From the Desk of Nurse Sprouse

Hello WHC Parents,

A few reminders:

  • When your child is absent due to illness.

    It is always OK to text or email the teacher when you child is going to be absent…..

    However, please call Karen Goins, Wayne Hills Center secretary in charge of

    attendance, at 540 946 4626.

    Please leave a message on the voice mail if it is before 8:00 am.

    If the absence is due to illness please call me at 540 946 4626 ext. 125.

    Please leave a voice mail if I do not answer right away.

    I will return your call that same day.

    Please keep your child at home until we have talked about symptoms, possible

    exposure, and a return to school date.

    Waynesboro Public Schools is currently following the most recent Virginia

    Department of Health Algorithm for Evaluating a Child for Covid 19 Symptoms or

    Exposure. Typically the student is excused for a 10 day absence unless evaluated by a Health Care

    Provider and /or negative Covid test results are received by WHC.

    Electronic results are proving to be much faster and efficient than faxed results and can easily be

    emailed to me at    tsprouse@waynesboro.k12.va.us


  • When your child has a yearly physical & receives routine vaccines

Please request a copy of the physical and up to date immunization record.

Wayne Hills Center will need a copy of the most recent up to date physical and immunizations.


**Each year children cannot start a 3 year old or return for the 4 year old preschool program

until an up to date (one conducted within the calendar year of the new year start date)

physical is received YEARLY and then again for Kindergarten**

Please call if you have any questions. Leave a message on the voicemail if I don’t answer right

away. Please say your number slowly and twice. I will return your phone call that day.           

                                                                            Teresa Sprouse, RN

                                                                      School Nurse

                                                                      Wayne Hills Preschool Center

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From the Desk of Nurse Sprouse:

Wayne Hills Preschool Center
Clinic Items: 

As the end of 2020 – 21 school year quickly comes to an end (CAN YOU BELIEVE IT!)

Here are a few reminders to parents:


  1. If your child had medication at WHPC this school year, please make arrangements to pick it up the last day of school. Even if your child is planning to attend summer school over the summer break or preschool at Wayne Hills again next year Virginia mandates PROHIBIT medication in the school building over summer break.


    I will be available all day the last days of school for medication pick up. Medication cannot be transported on the bus. If someone other than the parent is to pick up the medication I am required to have a verbal permission from you and the person picking up the medication must be over 18 years old and provide a picture ID.


  2. If your child is attending summer school and takes medication or needs emergency meds such as an inhaler or other medication please have the physician write a new Medication Permission Form. 


    **HOWEVER have the physician write “For entire 2021 – 2022 school year” so you won’t have to request yet another medication permission form in August for the regular 2021 – 22 school year.**


  3. I will also be sending home new forms for the next school year.                               Health Care Plans and Medication orders must be renewed every year per Virginia Guidelines.


  4. For those students that have upcoming physicals for kindergarten or preschool, please ask for a copy of the physical and up to date immunization record while you are there in the office. The Pediatrician’s office staff do not voluntarily offer it to you. It is up to you to ask for a copy.                                                                                 


    This saves you from calling the pediatrician’s office back and requesting a fax to the preschool school to complete your child’s school entrance records.


  5. I always advise parents to keep a copy of the physical and the immunization record for your personal records for school, day care, sports, summer camps etc.


  6. Have fun and enjoy those moments with your children over the summer break.  They grow so very fast.                                

See you in just a few short months!                                               

Teresa Sprouse RN

School Nurse

Wayne Hills Preschool Center


Wayne Hills Early Childhood At Home Learning April 13-May 8.pdf
Wayne Hills Cut out and Reuse pages for Booklet 1.pdf
Wayne Hills Early Childhood Schedules for Continuity of Learning.pdf

Wayne Hills Early Childhood At Home Learning BOOKLET 2
Numeral Cards 0-20 for use with BOOKLET 2


What's Happening

Time for Preschool?


WAYNE HILLS PRESCHOOL CENTER Attention all 3 and 4-year-olds Apply for the 2021-2022 School Year If you would like more information, want to apply, or need help completing and returning the application CALL 540-946-4626 Or TEXT 540-254-0736 OR EMAIL WAYNESBOROPRESCHOOL@ WAYNESBORO.K12.VA.US

Preschool Application Process ENGLISH

Proceso de aplicación de preescolar ESPAÑOL

Follow these steps to apply for preschool: 1. Review application and necessary documents by clicking HERE     
2. Pick up an application at Wayne Hills Preschool Center or any elementary school in Waynesboro or download a copy HERE

3. Return the application and copies of required documents (including birth certificate and proof of residence) to Wayne Hills Preschool
Center on Fir Street or mail it to:

Wayne Hills Preschool Center

937 Fir Street

Waynesboro, VA   22980
*Copier available at Wayne Hills Preschool Center for required documents.

4. Wait for our Family Support Advocate to contact you to set up an appointment to discuss next steps.

Principals's Message

Welcome to Wayne Hills Preschool Center!  We are delighted to have you be a part of our learning community.  The teachers and staff look forward to providing a program where your child has many opportunities to explore, wonder, question, create, and – most importantly – play.

The Wayne Hills Preschool Staff firmly believes that:

  • Learning involves academic, social, emotional, and physical growth achieved with hands-on, developmentally appropriate practices.
  • All children can learn when they are in a happy, safe, loving, and developmentally appropriate environment supported by highly skilled professional staff.
  • A strong home/school connection and family involvement enhance the overall development and success of each child.

Sarah Ross


Wayne Hills Preschool Center

Welcome to the 2021-2022 school year.  We are so excited that you have chosen to share your students with us this year!

8:00 am 2:20 PM

Doors open at 7:45am

Your student will be considered tardy after 8:10am

Dismissal is at 2:20pm

Please enter the car line from Dogwood street

If you need to make a change to your student’s afternoon dismissal procedure, please call before 1:30pm or send a note to your student’s teacher.

WHP Student Handbook.docx   WHP Student Handbook (SP).docx

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